Stake your ulti

Participate in the security and operation of the blockchain by staking your ULTI. Through staking, you contribute to the network's integrity while also earning staking yield from block rewards. Your involvement in staking strengthens the decentralized ecosystem and rewards you for your support.

Benefits of staking


The Ulti wallet's full nodes play a vital role in validating transactions and blocks across the network. By staking ULTI within the Core wallet, you gain the opportunity to actively engage in the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. This participation not only supports the network's security but also offers the potential to earn staking yield as a reward for your contribution.

Block Rewards

Block rewards are composed of freshly minted 44 (22 for staking, 22 for mining and 11% - 6 ulti fee to further development of the project) ULTI per block, totaling 1440 blocks daily. In addition, stakers receive transaction fees and gas for the transactions included in the blocks they publish. This combined reward mechanism ensures that stakers are incentivized for their contributions to the network's operation and security.

Staking Yield

The staking yield is influenced by the overall quantity of ULTI that is being staked within the network. To assess the potential yield, refer to the stake calculator, which provides insight into current yields and the estimated interval between block rewards based on your specific stake amount. This tool helps you make informed decisions regarding your staking participation and expected rewards.

How to get started

Download Wallet

To begin staking an online ULTI staking node, simply download and install the ULTI Core Wallet on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Regardless of the ULTI amount, staking is feasible. Comprehensive video instructions will be available to guide you through the process.

Begin Staking

Alternatively, you can delegate your wallet address to a super staker, who will handle the staking process for a nominal fee. You retain complete coin control (non-custodial*) and enjoy instant payouts for block rewards. Delegating is effortless through ULTI Core or the ULTI Web Wallet.

Fund your wallet

Ensure you create a wallet backup and securely store the password. Acquire ULTI from an exchange, deposit it into your wallet

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